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Bernini operates in the architecture and interior design sector with offices in Italy, Qatar and the USA.
Our mission is to provide a new type of service, able to unite the quality of products Made in Italy with an all inclusive service covering all logistic and organisational aspects, from the order through to installation in the home or workplace.
In addition, our highly specialised personnel allows us to offer high quality solutions in the planning of both interiors and exteriors, to supervise projects and to construct new buildings or refurbish existing ones.
From today, with Bernini, you can easily and quickly have the high quality of products Made in Italy.

Our Values

Maximum quality, fine attention to detail in every step of the process and great simplicity.
All of the problems which inevitably arise during a project, creating anxiety for the owners – from choosing furniture to bureaucracy, from logistics to choice of craftspeople – are from today just a bad memory.
The person or company who chooses Bernini can rest safe in the knowledge that we will pay great attention to personal practical and aesthetic needs, that the products chosen will be produced by the best Italian craftspeople, that everything will be carefully crafted to meet requirements, and that the whole process will be managed by sector professionals whose only interest is customer satisfaction.
With Bernini, architecture and interior design have become simple.

Our Services

ID Contracting
If you already have a project that you like and are looking for the right furniture, we have the solution for you. Bernini can provide the very best of furniture, accessories, flooring and panelling, and lighting Made in Italy. All you have to do is choose the items most in line with your tastes and needs, and we will do everything else.
Architectural Design
For new-builds or refurbishment, our architects are able to provide quality consultancy on everything from the concept to finalisation. You choose the style, materials and details… we see to the rest.
Interior Design
Every design product begins with dialogue led by the client, who expresses desires, needs and vision. Our architects transform these thoughts first into drawings and then into detailed projects which, finally, become reality.
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